Working with us

Architects can sometimes get a bad reputation.  Plans that are design over function. Cost overruns. Working to our own agenda. Lack of clarity. And projects that drag on forever.

That doesn’t make sense to us.

So, we listen first. A lot.  We ask loads of questions about how you live, what you’re seeking to achieve, what your timeframe is, what your budget is and how you’d like the project to be run.

Once we know what you need and want, we can prepare a proposal for you. We can help you every step of the way from initial sketches right up to the completion day. A project can be typically broken down in 5 stages

  • Design and Planning

  • Detail Design, Building Regulations

  • Tendering

  • Construction

  • Post construction, moving in and snagging   

Our proposals will include project management, recommendations for contractors, building techniques and great CGI images to help bring your vision to life before we touch one brick.  You can then choose the approach you’d like.

Country House - Berkshire